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Sprely helps content fans connect better with the creators they love. 

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Why Sprely

We make the internet better.

The internet is already pretty awesome, but currently the adult market suffers from a lack of sufficient innovation.  Why is the most popular amateur adult content platform billing like a software tool?  Internet content thrives on social media platforms and every day billions of likes, comments, and other reactions create lively discussion groups.  Sprely allows users to engage more with the content posters they love while driving more lively engagement.

More Gift Options

Some of the most active communities on the internet have unique gifts and items that are shared. Sprely can be used to share unique gifts and NFTs for posts and content you like.

Monetization for Content

Sprely not only is a platform itself, but can easily work with any platform that allows sharing of links or QR codes.

Mobile Mining

With our mobile mining tools token holders can mine off-chain Sprely which can be used for microtransactions on Sprely.com with no fees!

Sprely V2: Coming Soon


Connect better.



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The Sprely V2 Hype Crew gets early access to products, provides feedback, and helps us promote the token online.