Create and share content... everyone can earn!

The internet is full of wonderful things!  Content creators from around the world post and share content. We are focused on helping content posters get more social engagement and have new monetization options that are fun and easy for both the viewers and the posters

Enhanced Engagement Tools

In order to build the community more effecitvely and consistently we are realsing a set of tools that will make it more engaging for both posters and viewers.


Curated Content

To help drive daily usage Sprely will curate content to regularly give visitors something to be excited about and engage with.


Online Store

For this relaunch we will be focusing on creating a marketplace for a variety of things vs simply content subscriptions.


Sprely Event Tools

With the increase in use of video chat, Sprely Event Tools will help keep online events engaging and interactive.


NFT Minting

NFTs with a purpose. Part of the enhanced engagement tools will allow users to send digital gifts to each other. Gifts can be used to unlock NFTs and NFTs can be used to access unique content and events.


Future Developments

While the exact roadmap for Sprely is a bit of an evolving masterpiece, ultimately the goal is to create a self-hosted chain that allows Sprely significant control over how it can help Sprely holders and Sprely users enjoy Sprely.


Supported by over 500 token holders

In our initial launched we reached a market cap of over $2 million and over 500 unique wallets.

Popular Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely!  You can join here: https://t.me/sprelytoken

We reward token holders very time there is a transaction.  A significant portion of the fee Sprely takes on transactions is redistributed as a reward for token holders through a reflection pool. An easy way to understand this would be to compare it to a Starbucks gift card; imagine if every time someone used a Starbucks gift card, a piece of that transaction went back as a reward to every person that had a balance on their gift card.

We are shooting for April of 2024.

Current Sprely holders will be able to convert to Sprely V2 and will earn reward at a higher rate than those purchasing Sprely V2 (other than through conversion).